Spotlight: Festival Mash-Up Artist

Kate McGraw stormed into Flashpoint’s world with artist partner Ann Tarantino this past March for their exhibition Workbook. Now, Kate is bringing her signature physically-intensive mark-making process to the Source Festival. She will be performing with musician Scott Burgess and playwright Allyson Currin. Kate says:

The beauty in our mash-up, Combustion, is found in the way our three artistic disciplines coalesce on stage. Scott fuses his improvisational soundscape while I offer my intuitive mark-making all while Ally lays the foundation with her script. We are simultaneously creator and actor. It has become a kind of jazz trio on stage and we rely on that synergistic blend to carry us throughout the piece, and throughout the struggle of our character. Using our individual artistic disciplines, we each represent a facet of our character’s psyche as she is forced to tune into her inner symphony and reexamine the marks she has made in her life. This mash-up has been a wild ride and I’ve had such a blast being a part of it! 

For more about Kate, visit her website

Kate’s Combustion performs at Source Festival on June 30 at 8pm; July 2 at 8pm; July 5 at 2pm.


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