We’ll take you to the Twilight Zone

Source Festival Producer Sarah Coleman with a Festival pre-show.

We’re in! The risers are in place. The signs are up in the front windows. And our scenic painter, Amy, has painted us a beautiful upstage wall and spiffed up the set pieces. We’re all enjoying being back on 14th Street, watching the comings and goings of Manny & Olga’s.

It feels like we’re so much more on top of it this year. Wait. That’s because last year we were moving into a brand new building with less than half the amps we needed to run the lighting system. So far, so good this year. Although, we’ve still got costumes/props to load in, speakers to wire and lights to focus…

Directors and actors having been in and out for rehearsals and the producers are excited to finally see the plays come to life. Tech for the 10-minute plays starts bright and early Sunday morning; right on the heels of our opening night celebration.

Sunday night (June 21) at 8pm – for FREE – we’ve got a play reading of Gregory S. Moss’ THE AMAZON (An Adventure Story for Men) directed by David Muse and performed by an impressive cast of DC actors: Erica Chamblee, Jason Lott, Karl Miller, Nigel Reed, Jim Zedar, Peter Vance, Leo Ericson, Jeff Allin & Tony Bullock. A gender-bending look at the Wild West. Not to be missed.

The mash-ups are in great shape, you couldn’t ask for a more diverse group of pieces. It’s pretty amazing to see the time, energy and creativity each group as put in. Some things to be on the lookout for that week…blue ping pong balls, red paint, a rooster, a great band, a token and a trip to the twlight zone.

Curious? Buy tickets here.


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