Notes from The Armchair Traveller

Clementine Thomas, dramaturg for Source Festival One Act Play The Armchair Traveler, talks about the art of dramaturgy and the drama of new playwrighting. The Armchair Traveler performs July 9 and 11 at 8pm; July 12 at 2pm. Tickets online and by calling 866.811.4111.

One of the great thrills of dramaturgy lies in the moment you first hear the playwright’s words spoken aloud. You can have sat with a script for months before hand, working on development with the playwright and director and going back and forth with cuts and changes, but the second you step foot in the rehearsal space and the actors take over, it’s a whole new ball game.  The Armchair Traveller is a strange, hilariously funny and truly moving journey into the skeleton laden closets of one man’s past. It’s hard not to have a blast watching the actors and Michael Baron, our fearless director, go wild with the sharp dialogue and off-kilter characters that Libby Leonard, our lovely and talented playwright, has conjured for us.  With three days before we open, I can’t wait to experience the raucous fun that’s already bubbling to the surface!


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