About Source

The contributors to this blog include members of the CuDC and Source community.

The community managers for this site are:

Karyn Miller, Manager, Visual Arts and Communications, CuDC

Anne Marie Johnson, Marketing and Communications Assistant, CuDC.

Staff members of CuDC and contributors to Inside Source:

Anne Corbett, Executive Director, CuDC

Leila Putzle, Deputy Director

Travis Bowerman, Director of Operations

Nadine Gabai-Botero, Campaign Director

Cara Pomponio, Director of Development

Karyn Miller, Manager, Visual Arts and Communications

Sarah Coleman, Manager, Performing Arts and Business Center

Ilana Branda, Program Assistant

Kat Merin, Operations Associate

Merin Frank, Development Associate

Source is a 150-seat black box theatre venue located in the heart of Washington’s 14th Street Arts District. The theatre housed small and emerging theatre companies and other performing artists for nearly 30 years before closing its doors. Saved twice now from commercial redevelopment, Cultural Development Corporation intends to renovate and reopen Source in early 2008, at which time it will be available for ongoing rental and residency.


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