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Mash-Ups Unleashed

June 30, 2009

From Merry Alderman, Source Festival Associate Producer:

WOW! I can’t believe that the first week of the Festival is over and that we’re already knee-deep in tech rehearsals for the Mash-Ups. Our fearless leader, Jeremy, keeps calling them “Artistic Blind-Dates,” but I’ve never been on a blind date that went as well as these Mash-Ups are coming together.

It is difficult to believe that these artists had never met before six months ago when we paired them with each other. Each group has developed a seamless way to communicate and collaborate. (Or at least, that is how they make it look.) We’ve got video artists improvising live with dancers, blue ping pong balls hanging from the grid, A LOT of red paint, some issues with the Metro and so much more. Audiences probably don’t know what to expect, but everyone should come with a sense of adventure and they’ll leave having seen something really exciting.

Next week we have readings of Full-Length plays on July 6 and 7 by exciting young playwrights, Dan Dietz and Dan LeFranc… it’s the Dan Plays. And then on to the final week of One Act plays which are all coming together nicely.


Blind Date #2

December 29, 2008

Source Festival Associate Producer Sarah Coleman divulges details on the progress of the 2009 Festival mash-ups…

On December 15th the Source Festival and Artists’ Bloc held our second mash-up session. What’s a mash-up? A blind date between artists.

We’ve paired artists from different disciplines – film, dance, visual art, theatre and music – and given them free reign to create a piece on anything they want for the 2009 Source Festival through any process they chose, as long as each of their disciplines is aptly presented on stage during the performance. Over the next five months the groups will work together to create 30 minute pieces that will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Our fabulous 2009 mash-up participants are Naoko Maeshiba, Nick-the-I-Da, Alberto Gaitán, Ding Ren, Austin Elston, Emily Gallagher, Wyckham Avery, Scott Burgess, Kate McGraw, Allyson Currin, Vincent E. Thomas, Kathleen Akerley, Jeremy Haik, Psalmayene 24, Dan VanHoozer, Holly Bass, Kelly Mayfield, Allan von Schenkel and Kristen Williams.

Interested in a sneak peak? You can get see the works-in-progress on May 8 and 9, 2009 at Artists’ Bloc‘s 12×6 or the final works June 30th – July 5th, 2009 at the Source Festival.

As for what these pieces are all about, I’ll share some snippets, but no promises on content because who knows in what direction these works will take in the coming months. That’s the element of surprise us producers are looking forward to! Here are some of the questions and ideas floating about right now: Which comes first the dance or the music? A clown, in search of his nose. A character who comes to a profound realization through soundscapes and live drawing. A high tension DC moment told through multiple viewpoints. A look at the components of being human, within the components of humanity.

Hope your interest is piqued… More to come soon.

Monster Mash-Ups

May 16, 2008

Sarah Coleman, Manager of Performing Arts and Business Center and Associate Producer for the Source Festival on Mash-ups, auditions and all things festival.

It’s official – all the work for the Source Festival is fully announced! We’ve made our final decisions regarding the Interdisciplinary Projects which will run July 1 – 6th. We selected three works through the open call process; Going Against the Flow: Improvised Lives (acting and dance improv), created by members of Washington Improv Theater and Daniel Phoenix Singh/Dakshina Dance; What’s A Little Death? (acting, music, mask and dance), created by Leslie Felbain and Juanita Rockwell; and The Letting (spoken word poetry and dance) created by Annie Johnstone and Diana Tokaji.

And, Jeremy’s made four fabulous mash-ups. Mash-ups are the paring together of people from at least two different disciplines each with the goal of creating, in under three month’s time, a new interdisciplinary performance piece that is 15 to 30 minutes long. I’m a big fan of the term mash-up, although I can’t take credit for it as it was suggested by Anne (via Patricia Martin’s RenGen). It’s very fitting to the festival and all that we do here at Cultural Development Corporation. This year’s mash-up will be conceived and created by Austin Elston, Emily Gallagher and Kelly Mayfield who will combine the disciplines of film and dance; photographer Tiffany KB and playwright Gwydion Suilebhan; Dancers Stephen Clapp, Laura Schandelmeier will collaborate with composer Jonathan Morris; and Lisa Pegram and Kitty Victorian will create a spoken work poetry and burlesque piece.

One more tidbit. Final auditions for the 10-minute plays were held on Tuesday, May 13th so we’ll have all our talented actors on board, and in the rehearsal room, in no time.

For more information on the schedule check us out online.