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Gimme the Low Down on Festival Opening Night

June 24, 2009

Lots of Opening Nights are super-fancy shindigs with famous special guests and sit down dinners with tinsel to spare. That’s not what Source Festival is about. We like to give our supporters a taste of the Festival – a smorgasbord, if you will – Source style. That means milk and cookies, not champagne and crudités. Think down home theatre.

So on Saturday night 100 of our nearest and dearest friends came to Source to scope out this year’s rising stars and get a hint of what’s to come. And while the Mayor declined, gracefully, to attend at thte last minute, we have his vote of confidence:

“Mayor Fenty believes the Source Festival Opening Night will be phenomenal.”

-Melanie Hom, Mayor’s Scheduling Specialist

And it was.

Sometimes a little rough around the edges (hey, it IS the Source Festival), always authentic. Home-made lemonade was consumed en masse and the rice crispy treats were not to be missed.

Opening Night is not the last opportunity you’ll have to schmooze the Festival’s coolest artists – we are hanging out every Wednesday night late nite at Policy. You can find us on the second floor, dominating the $2 PBR drink specials. Because, hey, its Source Festival time.